The H-Cube Midi™ represents the first step in the ThalesNano, Inc.’s development towards process scale-up flow hydrogenation. Utilizing current H-Cube® technology, the H-Cube Midi™ seeks to increase the capacity of the present H-Cube® to 500 g per day without compromising efficiency and safety. The H-Cube Midi™ will allow users of the H-Cube® to scale up reactions and achieve the same result.
The H-Cube Midi™ system works through the hydrogenation of a continuous flow of substrate. The substrate is flowed through the system using an automatically controlled piston-pump at flow-rates up to 25 mL/min. Once entering the H-Cube Midi™ reaction line, the flow of substrate is mixed with a continuous flow of hydrogen.
The hydrogen is created by the electrolysis of water within an electrolytic cell. The electrolytic cell is based on the original H-Cube® cell, but has been modified for a larger output of hydrogen. The hydrogen gas and a solution of the reactant are mixed, pre-heated and transferred to a catalyst cartridge (MidiCart™) that is preloaded with the required heterogeneous catalysts.

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February 1, 2013