Cray Condo (12 Nodes)

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Today there is a class of applications that can take advantage of the combination of powerful accelerator technologies and Cray’s system expertise to provide leading total performance and maximum efficiency. Cray offers accelerated systems specifically designed for parallel in-node efficiency and optimized off-node communication. These systems are available with today’s powerful NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) and are designed for designed for upgradeability to future technologies. Applications such as signal processing can run much more efficiently on the Cray CS-Storm system than on traditional CPU-based systems. This accelerator solution provides performance advantages for users who collect and process massive amounts of data from diverse sources such as satellite images, surveillance cameras, financial markets data and seismic processing data. Whether users are collecting these vast amounts of data for strategic or day-to-day operations, they can more efficiently and accurately convert raw data into actionable information.

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June 30, 2015