Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) Soil Science

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Major Applications: Rate-zonal and isopycnic centrifugation of viruses, rate-zonal centrifugation of RNA.

UNSPSC: 41103909

SciQuest Category: Centrifuge Rotors

Rotor Type: Ultra - Swinging Bucket

Maximum Speed: 41,000 rpm

Maximum RCF at r max (g): 288,000 x g

k-Factor: 124

Rotor Material: Titanium

Bucket Material: Titanium, Anodized Aluminum Cap

r min: 67.4 mm

r av: 110.2 mm

r max: 153.1 mm

Nominal Rotor Capacity: 79.2 mL

Number of Rotor Cavities x Nominal Largest Load Capacity: 6 x 13.2 mL

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  • Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) Soil Science
  • Gregory Oswald
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