JOEL JSM 6390LV Scanning Electron Microscope

The JSM‐6360LV low vacuum SEM is a high‐performance scanning electron microscope for fast characterization and imaging of fine structures. The selectable Low Vacuum mode allows for observation of specimens that cannot be viewed at high vacuum due to excessive water content or because they have a non‐conductive surface.

With a high resolution of 3.0nm at 30kV, the JSM‐6360LV delivers amazing clarity of the fineststructures. In addition to routine imaging at several hundreds of times greater resolution than the optical microscope, and with a focal depth several tens of times greater than the optical microscope, the SEM allows for detailed measurements. Dual image display of the secondary electron image and a backscattered composition image allow the user to contrast and compare specific details. An energy dispersive X‐ray spectrometer (EDS) provides elemental analysis.

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Batcheller Technology Ctr
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April 1, 2016