TriboIndenter (Nanomechanical Test Apparatus) Hysitron’s TriboIndenter is capable of performing automated nanomechanical tests on a wide range of materials including thin films and coatings. Elastic modulus, hardness, storage and loss modulus, delamination force, and coefficient of friction are some of the properties that can be determined using the TriboIndenter. In-situ Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) can also be performed with nanometer resolution. (Hysitron Webpage: TriboIndenter) Measurement Modes § DMA Nanoindentation: measure storage and loss modulus for soft materials § Quasistatic Nanoindentation: measure Young’s modulus, hardness, fracture toughness and other mechanical properties via indentation for a wide range of materials § ScanningWear™: observe and quantify wear rates and wear volumes using in-situ imaging § Scratch testing: quantify scratch resistance, critical delamination forces, and friction coefficients § Surface Finish: surface topography can be mapped and surface roughness can be calculated Features § Active and passive vibration dampening systems ensure low noise and uncompromised sensitivity § Automated testing for high output and statistical sampling of materials § Feedback control allows force or displacement to be controlled precisely allowing more accurate results for softer materials § In-situ imaging provides nanometer precision positioning and the convenience of SPM topography § Sub-micron resolution staging for sample positioning § Top-down optics for viewing and selection of testing sites § Vacuum chuck for wafer mounting

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February 1, 2006